Blesk má neuveriteľnú silu


Sila blesku je často podceňovaná. Pozrite si čo narobil so stromom dnes ráno v americkom Texase.

Gorman Lightning Strike

One of the awesome powers of nature. #LIGHTNING!!! Check out this video sent to me by Felipe Natera at Bishop Thomas K. Gorman Catholic School. Shortly after 9:35 yesterday morning, right after the kids made it to class safely, lightning struck the big tree on the left side of this picture. Today at 4, 5, 6 and 10 on KLTV-7 News, we will see this video in slow motion and I will show you something very, very interesting about this event. Again, no one was injured. All were in class, safe and sound. Lightning strikes 28 seconds into the video. Watch and be amazed!!!

Posted by KLTV 7 on 22. január 2016