Búrky v Austrálii

- P.M.

Búrková sezóna v Austrálii je opäť v plnom prúde. Takto to vyzeralo v Novom Južnom Walese.

Yesterday myself Chris Adams and David Metcalf intercepted a fantastic squall line which powered through much of NSW. This tightly edited 2 minute video documents the event quite well, as it covers many different phases of the storm, some of which were very photogenic leading to some spectacular time lapses.  Parts of the squall line were much more severe than others with some very nasty straight line winds in parts.The storm organizes in the second half of the video, with warm inflow only a few kilometers ahead of the core , we encountered 100-110km/h outflow winds from this phase.  The start of the video was taken an hour south of Griffith near the Victorian border. We are close to Temora by the end of the video. Enjoy.

Posted by Michael Keene on 2. november 2015