Mohutná tlaková níž nad Atlantikom


Nad Atlantikom sa začala prehlbovať mohutná tlaková níž:

Latest satellite animation of the rapidly deepening cyclone over N Atlantic, approaching Iceland tomorrow. Current central pressure is near 940 mbar and it continues to deepen 5-7 mbar per 3 hr! Notice the textbook development of the Shapiro-Keyser type cyclone structure, a textbook storm and rarely seen with such a well-developed structure in N Atlantic. This system is developing a powerful sting jet with wind gusts towards 200 km/h - thankfully over open waters overnight and tomorrow. Such a wind power would be devastating coming over land.

Source: Vedur

Posted by Severe Weather Europe on 5. február 2017

Tlak v jej strede klesá na 940 hPa.  V okolí tlakovej níže sa vyskytuje vietor s rýchlosťou až 200 km/h.