V hurikáne


Takzvaní lovci hurikánov z NOAA vleteli do hurkánu Patricia, aby ho mohli zdokumentovať a zozbierať zaujímavé dáta:

NOAA video

Check out this incredible fresh footage from the yesterday's CAT5 Patricia hurricane eyewall penetration by NOAA aircraft. Read details below..."Video captured by NOAA P3 Mechanic Lonnie Kregelka on #NOAA43 (10/23/15) during it's first pass through East Pacific Hurricane #Patricia. The crew experienced +3G and -1.5G. The last ten seconds of this video the crew hit an up draft followed immediately by a down draft. The plane and crew were thumped so hard that the flight director's (Meteorologist's) keyboard flew off his station and all of his data was dumped. The crew circled for a hour afterwards as the Flight Director reconstructed the data from the eye wall penetration to transmit that data to NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center. From the data collected, NHC analyzed Hurricane Patricia at 879 mb, a Western Hemisphere record for lowest pressure."Source: The NOAA Hurricane Hunters

Posted by Severe Weather Europe on 24. október 2015