Výrazné El Niňo


Tohtoročné El Niňo je veľmi výrazné. Svedčí o tom aj porovnanie s doteraz najvýraznejším El Niňom v roku 1997:

El Nino 1997 vs 2015 (Severe Weather Europe)

This is our comparison between the super El Nino of 1997 and this years El Nino (2015). We recommend you watch in HD for better resolution. Data shows sea surface temperature anomalies with respect to the 71-00 climatology. It is obvious that this years El Nino is so far not as strong as the super El Nino of 1997. And given the current SST forecasts, it is unlikely that the current El Nino will surpass the one in 1997 in SST (Sea Surface Temperature) anomalies.Data is from the NOAA OI (Optimum Interpolation) SST analysis, on a 0.25 degree grid. This is our version 1 comparison. The future versions will feature a better temporal resolution (current is 3-day step, new version will have 2 or 1 day step), improved color scheme, 80-10 climatology, 500mb geopotential height pattern, and more... so stay tuned to our page. :)Data process, visualisation, scripting and plotting is made by Andrej Flis, co-admin at Severe Weather Europe.https://twitter.com/Recretos

Posted by Severe Weather Europe on 11. september 2015