Záplavy v južnom Španielsku

- Murcia

Juh Španielska zasiahli silné búrky. Tie priniesli za 12 hodín aj 100 mm zrážok. Intenzívne zrážky zatopili pivnice a cesty. Úrady vyhlásili pohotovosť v 12 provinciách. Najviac postihnuté je mesto Murcia.

Flooding in Murcia, Spain 17.12.16

EUSM's Pablo reports this situation after heavy rains in Rambla del Espinardo, Murcia, Spain today! by J Serrano (Y)

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Posted by EU Storm Map on 17. december 2016

Heavy #downpours over the West of Spain since yesterday resulting in flooded areas. #AMBER warnings are in effect across parts of the SE for excessive #rainfall, high swell, and snow in mountainous areas for the next days. An almost stationary low is gradually moving from Africa towards central #TheMediterranean which it will stay till Christmas eve as it looks right now. In the #FrenchAlps, it probably will cause a serious #snowdump from next tuesday on the windward side! The Germans would call it "Südstau".
Even airtraffic is diverting to better places because of the downpours/poor visibility. www.wxcharts.eu: https://t.co/FYZ54KvlpI

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Posted by Meteo Europe on 17. december 2016