Satelitná animácia búrok v USA


Silné búrky, ktoré priniesla hlboká tlaková níž do USA zachytáva pekne animácia zo satelitu GOES16. 

GOES-16 captured this amazing infrared imagery of the strong storms that erupted over over parts of the southern Plains and Mississippi Valley this past weekend. According to several media reports, the storms caused the deaths of at least 13 people, produced widespread heavy rain resulting in flash floods, high winds that down trees and left thousands without power, a late-season blizzard in Kansas, and tornadoes in Texas, Mississippi, and Kentucky.

This animation was created with Band-13, one of the new spectral bands offered by GOES-16's Advanced Baseline Imager. Band-13, the so-called "clean" longwave infrared band, is primarily used to monitor clouds and storm intensity. As shown here, the imagery produced by this band offers spectacular views of meteorological phenomena, such as the colder cloud tops (shown in green/yellow/red) associated with these storms, in rich detail.

This animation appears courtesy of our partners at the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA). To see more animations, visit their website at

Please note: GOES-16 data are currently experimental and under-going testing and hence should not be used operationally.

Posted by NOAA Satellite and Information Service on 1. máj 2017